Smart Health Kiosk

Project Overview

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  • Design leadership
  • UX design
  • UI design
  • User Research
  • Workshop Facilitation

Company: Higi llc

Design Iterations

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Guided Experience

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Problem to Solve

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Health Risk Tests

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Knowing one’s risk for diabetes is the first step in diabetes management. Higi wanted a way to identify consumers who may be at risk for prediabetes so the team defined a problem statement: How do we support the consumer in understanding their diabetes risk and identifying next steps? 

“Eighty-four million American adults have prediabetes and 90% of them don’t know it”

Action Nudge

Most users still perceive our kiosk as a “blood pressure” kiosk, so Risk Assessments were highlighted to encourage our users to engage with the kiosk beyond what they may perceive.

Question Transparency:

Provided contextual information for asking personal questions that contribute to disease risk score. This was added a direct response to user testing where user’s asked “How does impact my disease risk?”.

Personalized Risk Score 

Users are provided with a personalized score and additional information about the factors that contributed to their risk score.


This is an explanation of the guided experience

Explanation about onboarding

Human-Centered Process

User Journeys

I created multiple user flows to communicate how a user would move through the experience.

User Testing


  • Increased user consumer engagement on the higi kiosk.
    • Increased amount of users taking 2+ biometric tests per session by 38%.
    • Increased consumer program signup by 53%
  • More flexibility in feature additions.