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Accessible, inclusive design is a key value that I hold as a designer. When I started at Higi, accessibility was a viewed as a luxury that we couldn’t afford and therefore we had no guidelines or guiding principles for how we incorporate accessiblity practices into our workflow.

I took the lead as being the key advocate for educating and guiding our product team toward accessible practices. Myself and fellow visual designer presented a lunch and learn around accessibility to our entire company, and I developed and socialized our first ever accessiblity guidelines for design.

Though we’re just skimming the surface to make inclusive products that everyone can use, we’ve taken a large step in the right direction.

Excerpts from company wide accessibility presentation
I developed accessibility guidelines based on W3C WCAG 2.1.
View Accessibility Guidelines


20% of users followed the nudge prompts to login/create an account or take a diabetes risk assessment.