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Product Onboarding

Discovery, Research, UX/UI Design

Project Overview

onboarding screen on kiosk station with options to choose health topics.

Users were only engaging with well-known features so Higi needed a way to help the consumer understand how the station could better meet their needs.  The solution was an optional onboarding experience to educate, guide and personalize the experience. I worked as lead UX designer to design and develop the onboarding experience for new users.

My roles in this project include facilitating cross-disciplinary workshops, concept development, interactive prototyping, user testing.

Defining the Problem

Over the past year, the Higi station evolved from being a health station that allows users to take biometric readings such as blood pressure, weight, and body mass index to a station that connects and refers people to personalized health care resources to improve health outcomes. Though the station had evolved in it’s capabilities, the public perception had not.

We needed a way to show users the full capabilities of the station and learn more about the user earlier in their experience so we could connect them to services and resources.

"Oh that station I see at the grocery store? I use that to check my blood pressure sometimes."


I facilitated a series of workshops that dove deeper into the existing problems and iterated on potential solutions.

The outcome of the workshop was to develop an onboarding experience according to the following guiding principles:

guide pointing in two directions


Guide the user through the kiosk experience, reducing the amount of decisions made throughout their session.


Get to know the user earlier to create a more personalized experience.

Personalize icon - lightbulb


Educate users about the full capabilities of the station and how Higi can help them take control of health journey.

Taking what was learned in the workshop, an onboarding MVP user journey was developed to guide, educate and personalize the experience for the consumer.

Image of various screens that demonstrate how a user would move from the welcome screen, through personal health questions to a suggestion of next step.
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Design Iterations

Consumers who enter onboarding see an animated overview of what the station offers.

In order to create a more personalized kiosk experience, we asked users basic biometrics and health topics they may be interested in.

image highlighted the

Users were “nudged” to take specific actions that could improve their continued engagement with Higi.


20% of users followed the nudge prompts to login/create an account or take a diabetes risk assessment.